Incubator Project

Together with Junior and Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd class are taking part in the Incubator Project in conjunction with Nore Valley Farm. We have received seven eggs with we have to mind until they hatch in about 3 weeks time. Gareth who works at Nore Valley came to tell us all about caring for the eggs and what we need to do when they hatch. Hopefully we will then have some chicks to look after for one week before they go back to their forever home at Nore Valley. We are eagerly awaiting their arrival. We will keep you updated.

Train Project

Our class are currently learning about how transport has changed in the last 250 years. We are concentration of the evolution of train travel. We are working in groups to complete a project based on this. We also had a guest speaker in who works for the TII (Transport Infrastructure Ireland) in to talk to us about the new Metro North project that is due to be built from Dublin City Centre to Swords over the coming year. Below you will see some samples of what we produced and our visit.