Derry Bubbles Project

The children of 5th and 6th class are currently taking part in The Derry Bubbles Project. The Derry Bubbles project is an outreach programme delivered once a month by Meabh and Sarah to raise awareness of the River Derry. To date we've learned about the Water Cycle and began assembling a Nature Diary. Our second lesson was delivered online where they took us on a walk around the locality examining the River Derry and what we could see/hear outside in our local community. The children are really enjoying it and look forward to more study on the River Derry.

Scoccer with philip

The children have been brushing up on their soccer skills with the help of coach Philip Hamilton. The children really enjoy these Friday afternoon lessons.

MAking apple juice

The children have been using some of the produce grown in the school garden to make some nice juices for them to have.