1 mile Trail Run Avondale

The children of 3rd and 4th attended this event which happened in February. Each runner received a colour coded bracelet upon finishing. The bracelet colour corresponded with the time and there was one for sub 7, 8 and 9 minutes. Congratulations goes out to Peter Mooty Monaghan who finished 10th overall in the 3rd class race.


Bird Project

We recently received a talk from a local bird expert about our native birds in County Wicklow. We also learned that a white tailed sea eagle was spotted in our local area. Some of the children made a paper replica of him to show the other children how big he in in real life.

Poetry by 3rd and 4th Class


My Covid Poem By Cian 

My name is Cian

And I’m stuck at home

Coivd 19 is on the roam

My brother is dying to go to the Dome


It’s stopped my sport

I can’t go to school

The weather is lovely

But I can’t go to the pool


I miss my friends, even Miss Mulhall

But not as much as I miss my ball

That’s all I have to say

I’ll see you after the 5th of May  


My Covid Poem

By Sinéad 

Covid 19 is not really fun

All that I can do is go out for a run

I haven’t seen nanny

And granddad in so long

I can’t wait to meet

For a game of Ping-Pong

I have to do my school work at home

And I miss my friends

So now my friends are the garden gnomes

I really can’t wait for this to stop

So I can finally go back into a shop

I really miss my normal life

Corona Virus you have caused so much strife


The Unseen Pandemic

By Leah

Covid 19 is causing a crime scene

A lot of the damage still remains unseen

  Families in crisis

Because of its tightness

Covid is very bad

And indeed very Sad.


Schools are closed churches shut

Leo and Simon are giving their input

Deaths and empty funeral homes

Hospitals full and elderly left alone

Children are trying to work from home

I'm sure their parents need time alone

Restrictions and rules

Makes going out seem uncool

Only a walk

Never to stop and talk

2 metres is our distance

At the minute it's a cruel existence


Covid 19 is mean

I sometimes feel I need to scream

Everybody is kept indoors

Except for emergency trips to the stores

Waiting daily for 5.30 to arrive

As that's the time we see the figures on the rise

Our Frontline workers need applause

They are fighting against an invisible wicked cause

Lets not forget the average worker

Like my father who is a trucker

He supplies the suppliers

Coming home taking lots of showers

Without him our stores would be empty He helps keep food plenty


We all need to remember

That come this December

This pandemic should be over

If everybody keeps their composure

We are all in this together

So everybody needs to be clever

But one thing I want everyone to remember

Especially when we get to December

Is that family is what matters most

Lets not let family become ghosts

Hold your patience, keep your cool

This too will pass even though its cruel

Stay In, Stay Safe, Stay Home

Use this time to mind your own Lets mind each other

And leave Covid 19 on its own