Dear Parents,

I hope this email finds you and yours all well and healthy. It is a really strange time for all of us at the moment. Who would have thought things would change so rapidly? But hopefully it’ll all pass soon and things can start to go back to normal.

Firstly I hope the children are all keeping well and not missing school too much. I’m sure St. Patrick’s Day was a little strange but maybe some of them might have participated in the virtual parade idea that was being prompted on the TV. It was a big hit in our house. This is a scary time for everyone. It’s strange to be working from home and not really sure when this will all be over. Our ‘normal’ day to day routines are completely changed. The same goes for the children. This is a tricky time for them – I’d imagine the initial delight of having 2 weeks off school has worn off a bit as they are not able to just carry on as normal, meeting and playing with friends and going to G.A.A. or soccer or Irish Dancing. Let them have time to just be kids as they try to make sense of what is happening and process the changes to their normal lives.

I also understand that this is a very worrying time for the children in 2nd class who were due to receive their First Holy Communion on May 9th. I have been speaking to Fr. Gahan about it and unfortunately it currently looks like the day will have to be postponed. We will wait another week or two before we make the final decision as I’m sure both you and the children are anxious to know but hopefully the date can be rescheduled until a later date during the summer. (Possibly June or if needs be July)

In order to continue some sort normality within their lives I have put together some activities that they can complete over the coming fortnight. I will break them down into week 1 and week 2 and they can complete them at a time of day that works for both you and them. As you have been made aware Mrs. Gallagher will be opening the school building to facilitate the collection of the children’s books over the coming days so I will include some work from the books that the children can complete. Please keep in mind that this is only suggested work for the children and it will be up to each of you how you decide to deliver it to the children.

Also keep in mind that things will go back to normal at some stage in the future and hopefully there will be no lasting effects on anyone within our school or wider community. When this does happen I will be there to ensure that the children catch up on any academic work they have missed out on and to listen to all the adventures they had with their family during this time. It is definitely the family adventures that will stick with them going forward. So keeping this in mind it is most important that the both you and the children enjoy this time together even though it has come about in the most stressful and unimaginable way possible. And we all know that we can learn far more life skills participating in activities than learning about them from a workbook.

The email address that I have sent this from has been set up to allow you to contact me directly without going through the school emails. Feel free to send me pictures of the activities/work once you have completed. Again there is no obligation to do this but I would like to see how the children are getting on. Also if you have any queries regarding any of the work you can email me and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Finally I hope we can all stay as well as possible over the coming weeks and at the end of it all have an appreciation for the small things. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Tell the kids I said hello.


Kind Regards

Catherine Barrett