Hi Everyone,

 I hope you are all keeping well. These are certainly strange times for us all and as such require strange measures like distance teaching and learning. So, every Monday I will email you all a plan of work for your child for the week. Please do with it as you see fit. I totally understand that you have to do what suits best for you and your family in these challenging times. There is absolutely no pressure to complete this work- It is meant as an aid rather than a burden. This is not ideal but the best I can do under the given circumstances- not actually being in a room with the children! Learning will still take place just in a different way.

I have enclosed a feedback sheet which would be very useful as it would help me keep some track of how the children are getting on. It can be e mailed to me on Friday please and could you kindly put my name in the subject bar, as all teachers will be using this email address to avoid overloading the main school email. This will also ensure I don’t miss it. If you do not have internet access please do not stress at all.

I’m missing all my little students and really wish that this was a normal Monday morning where we would be in school and busy chatting about the weekend activities/ adventures. Please tell them all that I am asking for them and look forward to seeing them- hopefully soon enough!

Stay safe everyone and do whatever you need to, to keep smiling!

Kindest Regards

Debbie Byrne