Hello everyone,

Greetings from the kitchen table. I hope you are all keeping safe during these challenging times. Hopefully, the measures in place will prove effective in the coming weeks. For the foreseeable future, distance learning is our new norm. This is a new venture to all so it will take a little while to adjust. We can work together to get the most out of this new approach. I have established a new email address specifically for the sharing of work, ideas and activities. Any work I suggest is only a guideline and not a burden to you or your family. Please use the suggestions as you see fit. I understand that everyone’s circumstances have changed drastically very quickly.

I have prepared work packs for each child to suit their interests and levels. The proposed work is for up to the 3rd of April. I would envisage organising, where possible, the collection of the work and hand over the work for the week 6th-10th April. I will work on a weekly basis going forward unless we are placed under more serious lockdown measures. If this does happen, I will prepare additional work for the group and send it out as soon as possible.

Please find attached the specific plan for your child. Again, this is just a guide. If you get through it all, great. If you don’t, we will adjust the plan to suit your circumstances more appropriately. You know what suits your child best under the current condition.  On our return to school, I will meet with all of you to discuss the work done.

Take care and keep safe.

Kind Regards,




Here is a list of websites that may prove helpful over the coming times. I will update this list as I come across relevant sites for your child.

·       Topmarks.co.uk

·       Oxfordowl.co.uk

·       Readinga-z.com

·       Gonoodle

·       NCSE- Top Tips for School Age Children, OT ideas

·       Audile.com (stories)

·       Myotandme.com

·       Youtube- PE with Joe (I haven’t looked at this yet myself, a recommendation from a friend).

·       Mash.ie is offering videos online. I use this site a lot myself for resources.

·       Griffinot.com