Tinahely National School have been awarded the Creative Schools Award for
the years 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 (with merit). The Creative Schools Award
was run by the ACAE (Association of Creativity and Arts in Education), with
Michael D. Higgins as its patron. Its aims were to enable, via the medium of the
Arts, encouragement of children to use their voice, to encourage teacher
refection and to facilitate and give merit to the creative process. During our
years taking part, our classes used an array of themes and media, for example,
making hats and showcasing them in a millinery fashion show, creating a video
filmed in Tinahely based on local folklore, filming an infomercial on mental
health, creating a ‘Chill Area’ in the yard, working with a local artist to create
an outdoor ceramic installation and much more. In fact, RTE came down to
our school twice to film the great creative work we had been doing. Even more
amazing that that, the president’s wife, Sabina Higgins came to officially unveil
our outdoor ceramic installation! Taking part in the Creative Schools Award has
not only added to the creative child-centered aesthetic of the physical
environment in our school, but also had a far-reaching effect on the children
who took part, encouraging problem-solving, strong teamwork skills, an outlet
to express themselves artistically and so on. Unfortunately the Creative
Schools Award is no longer running since the end of the academic year 2018.