Trip to Pirates Cove

The children of Junior and Senior Infants and 1st and 2nd class went on their school tour to Pirates Cove this year. The participated in activities such as crazy golf, bowling, played in the fun caves and went on the motor boats. We had a lovely lunch there and yummy snacks such as popcorn and ice-cream. We were really lucky with the weather and everyone had a great day. 


School Tour 3rd and 4th Class 2018-2019


This year, our 3rd and 4th Class went to Wicklow Gaol, bowling and Powerscourt Waterfall for their school tour. In Wicklow Gaol, we were given an introduction and shown around a little by a lady who works there, and then our teacher Miss Mulhall then showed us about the rest of it. Luckily most of it was indoors as it was raining heavily. Some of us were scared but most of us thought it was very cool. And teacher said if we were good, they would let us out again at the end, ha ha!

After that, we went bowling in Wicklow town. That was very cool to be bowling with our class. Teacher let us pick our own teams too, it was great fun. Teacher and a helper called Dina bowled too, they were not as bad as I thought they were going to be.


After that, the bus driver drove us to Powerscourt Waterfall. We got out of the bus, in the rain, and went up to look at the waterfall. It was huge! Teacher said it was the highest waterfall in Ireland and England.   And it was not too busy and because of all the rain the water had great flow. We spent a bit of time looking at that and then we were allowed to play in the playground for a while. In the rain again! After that we went home, we had a great day as we did loads of things.