The School

The school was built in 1961 with just three class rooms.
The General Purpose Room and an extra classroom were added in 1981.
Two new classrooms were also completed in 2010.
In 2011 the school celebrated it's 50th Anniversary.

There are three playgrounds in the school.
The infants have a rubberised safe-surface play area.
The tennis and basket ball courts are used for much more during the school day and as with every school the football pitch is a favourite with all the children. Both of these areas have recently been upgraded as part of our extension works. 

We also have a fully equipped kitchen in which the children of 5th and 6th class prepare soups and juices for the rest of the school. It is also used by the other classes for cooking throughout the year.

The school also has a running track which was installed in 2017. All the children use the track to take part in morning jog which happens Monday through Friday at differing times during the morning. We have seen a great improvement in the children's fitness since we started this. 

The school garden is also taken care of by the children in 5th and 6th class. However all the children participate in planted vegetables, fruits and flowers. Ms. Kathleen Harte is in charge of overseeing these activities. The produce that is grown here is used to make the juices and soups that the 5th and 6th class make for the rest of the pupils. The left over produce is then sold in the pop up shop at the school gate throughout the year. 

Our new 2 classroom ASD unit has just opened. It is an amazing addition to the school and we hope that the children will really enjoy their new, purpose built surroundings. We are hoping the classrooms will be officially opened by Minister Simon Harris in the coming weeks.

New Playground Equipment